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Subtle yellow curry jumps out at first, the entry is drying but with none of the bitterness associated with too much oak. Sherry and caramel marry beautifully into the most lovely sweetness. Coriander, white peppercorns; very nutty with crushed pecans hazelnuts and marzipan. Crazy combination of drying and mouth-watering simultaneously. Incredibly juicy sherry, light maple syrup, crumbly nougat, and pretzels. Very chewy. Strawberries and cream, dried hay, poppy seeds, sesame oil, red currants, caraway seeds and fennel pollen, and persimmons.


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Scorpion from Steve Crane’s Luau, 1958

* 1oz lime juice
* 2oz orange juice
* 2oz gold Puerto Rican rum
* 2oz gin
* 1oz brandy
* 3/4oz simple syrup
* 1oz orgeat syrup
* 8oz crushed ice

Donate everything to a blender. Spin up like the devil for 3 seconds. Pour, unstrained, into a wisely sized bowl. Drink by yourself or with friends.

Stolen directly from Kaiser Penguin’s excellent blog. Guys, this is important.

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Malty nose with a real grassy, whole grain entry on the palate. Beautiful character of simply a more bitter, flavorful grain than corn or wheat, more like a rye but distincly barley. Mouthfeel is hugely rich and oily giving notes of salt, greek yogurt, and grapefruit backed up by subtler notes of black peppercorns, honeysuckle, soot, and blackberries, with a slightly sweet and vaguely spicey finish on toffee and pickled ginger.

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