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A few blends:

Whyte & Mackay 22 YO: Some sort of crappy asain food, lemons, sherry, sesame, and caramel.


Whyte & Mackay 30 YO: Much! nicer. Bigger, more lovely caramel, beautiful citrus of myriad varieties. Some heather, butter, eucalyptus, popcorn. Very drying.


A.D.Rattray 19 YO blend 55.8% (Auchentoshan ’91, Balblair ’90, Benriach ’89, Bowmore ’91)

Starts on honey and apricots, some birch syrup, a touch of gentian and fennel along the lines of a rye whiskey. Some burnt wood notes that are quite ashy. Develops pears and some resinous/pine notes. Water brings apples, some soap, a touch of wintergreen, and some very bitter orange oils.


Compass Box Great King Street: Very good. Balanced sweet, fruity, and honeyed. Simple but enjoyable.


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Unpublished notes on assorted Port Ellens:

PE3 (Bottled by The Whisky Exchange in their Elements of Islay line)

First come faint wisps of smokey bacon underneath a heady ozone, making for an ethereal boozy quality to the nose. Digging into it delivers salt and oils, maple cream, chesnuts, sesame oil, meyer lemon. I’m afraid to add water to this, it’s too light and ethereal. I’ll wait it out: Wintergreen, toasted sunflower seeds, finally some light sherry notes (grape kool-aid) now plastic, light caramel, green olives, smokeless peat moss.


McGibbon’s Provenance Port Ellen 23 YO 46%

Closed nose, just smokey/ashey with rubber, and harsh chemicals. Opens with water and time to reveal big lychee, honey, oranges, thyme, mint, salt, butter, a bit of talc, chamomile and corn. Not… particularly good, though the lychee note is quite nice.

Scott’s Port Ellen 1976-1998 22 YO 57%

no heat at this proof, just smooth butterscotch custard, with vanilla and orange marmelade. Just hints of charcoal, charred meat, and a dash of worcestershire. Some bitter oak arises, bringing lovely chili’s. Water brings out Bing cherries, gooseberries, mint, seaweed, and seabreeze. Sour oak comes to the fore now with oysters. More water brings red sandstone, and autumn leaves, and a touch of strawberry icing sugar before it’s carried away on a wave of peat reek. Finishes on an odd note of yeasty, cheddary notes.

Port Ellen 7th Release: 28 YO 53.8%

Lovely birch, mint, wintergreen, sasparilla, all holding a high, heady note with some meyer lemon aroma rising above all that. Bass notes include tar, salt, a gritty mocha note, mud, subtle black raspberries, raspberry eau de vie, black peppercorns, some under-ripe peaches, and light floral notes.

Provenance Port Ellen 24 YO

Good smoke presence up front with those unmistakable creamy, salty, vanilla notes that identify the distillery. Big notes of spent grains, some spearmint, peat moss, hot coals, eucalyptus, ash, smoked oranges, a little telicherry peppercorn, and some nice white pork.

Port Ellen 1983 bottled by The Whisky Exchange in London for The Whisky Show 2011

Big & Dirty, charred burnt camp-firey peat. Quite astonishing for a Port Ellen. Note quite complimentary sherry is very big as well but winey, caramelly and poorly integrated.

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Brunch Darjeeling Tea Tasting hosted by my dear sweet girlfriend:


Estate: Happy Valley Tea


Vintage: 2010

Flush: Unknown

likely tea stolen by underpaid harvesters. Purchased in india from illicit tea fence. Proceeds pooled and shared with harvesters.

Notes: Plums, white flowers, pine needles, whey, subtle wet coal smoke, dried orange peel.


Estate: Tukdah

Grade: FTGFOP1

Vintage: 2010

Flush: 2nd

Notes: Earthier and darker on peat, bog myrtle, a touch of honeydew melon and passion fruit. soft white peach.


Estate: Castleton

Grade: FTGFOP1 (Muscatel)

Vintage: 2010

Flush: 2nd

Notes: Ashier and drier, grape must, apple pips, broken branches


Estate: Singell


Vintage: 2009

Flush: Autumn (3rd)

Notes: Jasmine, some balsa wood, lime, a touch of aloe, coconut flesh, sandstone


Pretty cool, huh?

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