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Whitley Neill: Herbal and grainy nose, medium body with a peppery finish.

Blackwoods: Juniper and lemon on the nose, full body and a sweet, bitter lemon finish.

Martin Millers:Cucumber and black tea on the nose, full bodied with a sweet cucumbery finish.

Berkshire Ethereal (Orange label): Citrusy and herbal (dill, etc.) nose, full body, pepper and cucumber on the finish.

Square One Botanical Vodka: Candied nose with a medium body and sweet boozy finish.

Bluecoat: Big botanicals on the nose, light body and no finish.

Beefeater: muted but balanced (some might say elegant) nose, light body and a hot juniper-laden finish.

Farmer’s: similarly muted nose but a much fuller body, starting sweet then drying out on the finish with orange and spices.

Plymouth: herbal but sweet, medium bodied with a prickly, dry finish on citrus (namely bitter grapefruit pith)

Oxley: elegant minerality on the nose (talc) with a medium body and a chalky dry finish.


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